John Lobb William is a tribute to the exceptional model presented in the 1940s. Exclusively handmade by skilled artisans John Lobb, this shoe keeps intact the verve that distinguished that iconic shoe. Today as in the past, its materials are still very select among the best in the world. Enriched by experience, the construction techniques have been evolved allowing to embellish this shoe with refined details, such as the exclusive double buckle lacing. A detail highly appreciated by the international elite that still continues to choose the John Lobb William among the excellence of world prêt-à-porter.

Over the years, this model has managed to meet and conquer the taste of the most demanding public, becoming highly diffused: a shoe that has made and continues to make history. By combining a truly splendid design with the highest quality standards - that only John Lobb is able to guarantee - William represents a true celebration of the well-known craftsmanship that distinguishes this designer. Not just a shoe, but a recognized icon all over the world.

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