For its 190th anniversary, Tricker’s has chosen to create a shoe that summarizes all the peculiarities and craftsmanship of the brand. Thus was born the Tricker's tramping boot - 190th Anniversary Edition, a shoe designed to last over time, resistant and soft like a slipper, waterproof and light.

The Tricker's tramping boot - 190th Anniversary Edition is handmade in the Northampton factory with the best English "cruiser" leather from Pittards, one of the last tanners in England. The sophisticated and sober design is the result of Tricker’s experience, where skilled craftsmen carefully build each pair in 260 distinct phases.

The result is essentially a one-of-a-kind boot. A comfortable, clean shoe with a seamless interior and upper stitched with 80’s thread for an even more refined and valuable finish.

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